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Custom Service Plastics
201 Sheridan Springs Road
Lake Geneva, WI 53147
Phone: (262) 248-9557
Fax: (262) 248-9603



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Who We Are / Awards
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Our commitment to customer satisfaction guides our quality policies and procedures. We accurately monitor and control every step in our manufacturing processes from order release to shipping.

In combination with our customers our cross functional teams determine customer quality requirements through pre-production planning. Through advanced product quality planning, these requirements are transmitted to our production team on the floor. Quality assurance then ensures that all customer requirements are understood and met through dimensional inspections and detailed work instructions. Our cohesive management team as a whole makes sure that products are manufactured to engineering specifications and shipped only when our quality standards are met. Continuous process improvement in conjunction with process monitoring, inspection, and corrective actions helps us to achieve near zero defects for our in-house parts and better than this for outgoing products. We build quality into our processes and use quality control techniques to maintain high quality.

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