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Custom Service Plastics
201 Sheridan Springs Road
Lake Geneva, WI 53147
Phone: (262) 248-9557
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Engineering Solutions
Custom Service Plastics offers complete solutions in the areas of tooling, prototyping, fabricating, die cutting, molding, secondary operations, assembly, packaging, and shipping. Our flexible work force and low overhead costs allow us to customize our products and services to the specific need of customers.

Our sales engineers work diligently with customers to capture their minute specifications and closely collaborate with manufacturing, materials, and cost engineers to meet these specifications. Our management, production, and marketing team serve as your project director to ensure the most effective and efficient execution of your orders.

You can rely on our wide range of products and count on our diverse spectrum expertise including in house engineers, outside consultants, specialized agents, and manufacturer associates for your manufacturing needs. We go beyond just taking your orders, we work with you to clearly define your needs and then continuously communicate with you to optimize design, materials selection, manufacturing, and delivery.

You can consider us as an extension of your company when you choose us as your manufacturer.





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