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About CSP

Custom Plastic Services

We pride ourselves on the development of solutions that others may avoid due to complexity.

A core team of engineers run our manufacturing operations. They oversee every step from customer order to shipment ensuring customer satisfaction in cost, quality, and delivery are met.

We also use the service of an array of  specialists and manufacturing associates to serve the diverse needs of our customers striving to provide complete engineering solutions at low cost for our clients. Our manufacturing engineers use the latest production techniques including lean manufacturing and employ state-of-the-art technologies to  maintain our competitive edge.  Additionally, we use our team of experienced material specialists, process engineers, and cost experts to help our clients stay ahead of their competitors.

Continuous communication between our engineers, tool-makers and design engineers leads to continuous design, process, and quality improvements for both us and our clients, this innovative approach to the use of engineering resources through a network of in-house engineers and outside supply base experts provide us the competitive advantage in the imperative areas of cost and quality.


To be the provider of choice for timely cost effective solutions that add value within the mutual relationship of customer and supplier. We emphasize quality, cost, and just-in-time delivery in implementing our vision and use flexibility and close collaboration with our clients as competitive tools.

Our sales engineers work diligently on a one-to-one basis to capture the minute details of our customers’ requirements. We strive to meet/exceed these requirements while achieving our objectives in cost, quality, and delivery.


In April 2000, a team of manufacturing engineers took ownership and assumed operational responsibility of the company. Since then, the management’s strategy for success is to concentrate on products and services competitive in the emerging global market. Just as important CSP has developed collaborative relationships with many large progressive companies with leading positions in their industry and support them not only technically but with our Woman and Minority certifications that help support their customer relationships.

Custom Service Plastics, Inc. serves leading manufacturing companies and end-users in USA, Asia, Africa, and Europe. Our products vary from large assemblies to small components for industrial, medical, automotive, agricultural, electronic applications and more.

Our company’s low cost structure, and flexible facilities enable us to customize products and services to specific customers needs.



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