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Key Industries

Key Industries

Customs brokers and freight forwarders are trained to handle every kind of general commodity. But sometimes your business gravitates towards certain industries because of your client base, and at Edward J. Zarach & Associates we have found that over time, we have become experts in a few specialized fields.

We leverage the care, attention to detail and specialized processes we have developed for our niche commodities and apply it to cargo that may not require additional security, temperature monitoring or fall under the additional scrutiny of many other government regulatory agencies.

We don’t just pay close attention to some of our cargo, we pay close attention to all of our cargo.


From label approvals to internal revenue tax, the smooth importation of liquor requires knowledge and experience. Edward Zarach & Associates have been experts in this field for more than twenty years; let us put our knowledge of Customs, FDA and ATF to work for you.


Firearms transactions are scrutinized by many state and federal agencies. We understand this is a sensitive commodity to import and export and requires accuracy, discretion and an attention to detail because of the penalties involved for non-compliance. We act as Customs brokers and freight forwarders for firearms and ammunition ranging from pistols through to complex military-grade weapons.


The term perishable encompasses a wide range of products. It includes fresh, frozen and shelf-stable food items that require registration and documented chain of custody. Perishable also includes fresh fruits, vegetables and flowers which are subject to scrutiny by Agriculture for pests and Customs for illegal drugs. Edward Zarach & Associates is familiar with the requirements to regulate temperature and chain of custody for commodities such as:

  • Flowers
  • Fresh and frozen fish and seafood
  • Food products
  • Ethnic ingredients and grocery items


The Customs tariff covers nearly everything that can be imported or exported. As licensed Customs brokers, we are trained to understand the rules that govern the classification of all items within the tariff and are experienced to ask the necessary questions to ensure goods are correctly classified, the property duty rate applied and any additional regulatory requirements for entry are complied with and met.

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